Issa is for those who embrace beauty, fine detail and the lifestyle this espouses. The curated store in the heart of Ivanhoe offers hand select products for the body and the home. In elevating the ordinary, Helena Mikletic’s approach to routine enjoyment is one of virtue and personal reverence. She has chosen to stock brands that give meaning to the way we eat, how we bathe and how we rest. From premium Belgian linen to Italian skincare and fragrance; all products embody this philosophy for self celebration.

Issa is in ode to Helena’s daughter. It is with similar attentiveness and deep compassion that Helena tends to her space. With a focus on the individual encounter, one can expect to shop alongside thoughtful products and warming conversation. Issa pioneers quality and longevity in all sensory offerings.

The belief is that these homewares and luxuries possess a sophistication that lasts a lifetime.